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Dr. Reggie Wright, Jr.

Motivational Speaker, Educator, and Entreprenuer

I started working with The Speaker Lab at the end of 2022 – I really jumped into the program right after the New Year and I started speaking full-time in February 2023. It is now July of 2023, and if I stay on the same trajectory, I’ll make six figures by November

Dale Wilsher

Certified Behavioral Consultant and Professional Speaker

I’ve been speaking for 15 years in the faith-based space… I basically got paid in Starbucks cards and potpourri. Thanks to TSL, I recently booked my highest paying gig to date at $15k!!

Tedy Kamenova

Professional Speaker & Trainer

The Speaker Lab has been one of my biggest support systems when it comes to taking my speaking business to the next level. I highly recommend them to anyone who is committed to turning their speaking into business!

Jason Raitz

Speaker-Story Teller, Leader, and Communication and Leadership Coach

I cannot speak highly enough of The Speaker Lab! There may not be another organization that has helped me more with my speaking and building my speaking business than The Speaker Lab. They truly care for speakers.

Joe Bland

Mindset Coach and Transformational Speaker

Just within a couple weeks of finishing the program, I have five gigs lined up already. I also have three – four others in the warm to hot pipeline. If you have a message that other people can benefit from, The Speaker Lab will help you take that message to the next level.

Lisa Perez

Human Resources & Leadership Keynote Speaker

The Speaker Lab really helped me narrow down my message and hone in on 3 core topics while building out my keynote. It also was critical in establishing a more proactive systematic approach to getting booked and paid to speak. Trust me, you will see the results if you do the work.

Dr. Peggy DeLong

Psychologist, Author, and Professional Speaker

Since joining TSL, I have increased my speaking fees by 20x the amount!! The coaching and the community really helped me with this. Seeing and connecting with other like-minded speakers in the TSL community has been a gamechanger.

Aditi Ramchandani

Master Certified Life Coach and Speaker

Within 6 months of joining The Speaker Lab, I delivered my very first keynote talk to a billion-dollar company and more!

Michael Laidler

Certified Coach, Trainer and Speaker

The investment in The Speaker Lab is well worth it… I’ve already tripled my ROI.

Hi, I'm Grant Baldwin, founder of The Speaker Lab.

Despite starting my speaking career with no audience, no following, and no network, I’ve earned over $2+ million from 500+ paid engagements all over the world. I’ve done everything from closed-door workshops to keynotes in front of 13,000 people. And I did all of that without using traditional booking agents or speaker bureaus

The Speaker Lab is the resource I wish I had when I began my speaking journey. We help aspiring speakers get consistently booked and paid to speak through our SPEAK Framework™, or the “business” side of speaking.